31st May 2020
Evie O’Keeffe Trec training day.  Please see Evie’s fb page for booking. 

5th June 2020
Notts Endurance GB pleasure ride.  Camping available the night before. See their fb page for details.

25/26th July 2020
Evie O’Keeffe weekend camp and trec clinic. Please see her fb page for details. 

15/16th Aug 2020
Jo Midgley Clinic and camp.  For details please see his fb page. 

27th Sept 2020
Evie O’Keeffe trec training day. 

25th Aug 2019 
Jo Midgley clinic in CHAPs. See Jo’s fb page. 

Sun 22nd Sept 2019
Evie O’ Keeffe training day.  See Evie’s fb page.